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Barbie turns 64 in 2023 - and she's still got it!

Barbie doll original 1959 version

Barbie, the iconic doll created by Mattel, is celebrating a milestone in 2023 - her 64th birthday! She's been a cultural icon since she first hit store shelves in 1959, and she still has that classic style and charm that has made her so popular for generations. To celebrate her 64th birthday, we'll be taking a look back at all of Barbie's accomplishments, as well as looking ahead to the exciting things Mattel has in store for Barbie in the future.

Barbie's history

Barbie has been an icon in the toy world since 1959, when she first hit the market. Since then, Barbie has undergone many changes to keep up with changing trends and cultural expectations. But the basic idea of Barbie—an independent, fashionable, young woman—has remained the same throughout her 60+ years on shelves.

In 1961, Ken was introduced as Barbie's boyfriend. The two dolls have remained inseparable ever since, although they've had their fair share of ups and downs. From breakups to makeups to outfits galore, Ken and Barbie have become a true symbol of lasting romance.

How Barbie has changed over the years.

Barbie and Ken dolls

Barbie has been one of the most iconic dolls of all time since her creation in 1959. Through the decades, Barbie has grown and changed with the times, from her original teenage fashion model to the multi-dimensional woman she is today. In the 60s, Barbie began to take on a more career-focused persona and continued to develop over the next few decades. By the 80s, Barbie was seen as a representation of female empowerment, with Superstar Barbie leading the charge.

Superstar Barbie was an influential part of the Barbie brand and set the tone for many of the modern-day dolls. With her dazzling outfits and bright pink accessories, Superstar Barbie showed girls around the world that they could be whatever they wanted to be. Throughout the 90s, Barbie expanded her career options from doctor to astronaut and even president. She was also seen promoting inclusivity and diversity with a range of ethnicities and body types featured in her collections.

What Barbie represents today

Superstar Barbie Doll

Barbie has come a long way since her debut in 1959, and the iconic fashion doll still manages to capture the imaginations of young girls everywhere. Barbie is now more than just a toy - she has become a cultural phenomenon, with many devoted fans and doll collectors who are eager to get their hands on the latest Barbie designs.

Barbie continues to be a strong representation of female power and resilience. She has partnered with global organizations like Sheroes and UN Women to further spread her message and inspire young girls everywhere. From her first design in 1959 to now, Barbie has remained true to her mission to empower girls to reach their potential and be whatever they dream of being.

Barbie's enduring popularity has a lot to do with her ability to represent different roles and lifestyles - from professional career women to glamorous socialites. She also serves as an aspirational figure for young girls, with her fashionable clothing and accessories inspiring them to express their individual style.

Barbie has also developed into an important icon for the doll collecting community. In the last few decades, Barbie collecting has become an incredibly popular hobby and many people specialize in collecting vintage Barbies or limited-edition dolls.

No matter how much Barbie evolves over time, her legacy continues to be one of the most beloved icons in the world. She will always remain a symbol of beauty, self-expression, and strength for generations to come.

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