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Surprise Arrival Alert: The Exorcist Regan Talking Mega-Scale Doll by Living Dead Dolls Coming Sooner Than Expected!

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Surprise Arrival Alert: The Exorcist Regan Talking Mega-Scale Doll by Living Dead Dolls Coming Sooner Than Expected!

Hello, Collectors and Horror Enthusiasts!

It's Simon here from Simon's Collectibles, and I'm thrilled to share some unexpected and exciting news. Our much-anticipated arrival, The Exorcist Regan Talking Mega-Scale 15-Inch Doll by Living Dead Dolls, is coming sooner than we initially thought!


Early Arrival - A Spooky Surprise

Originally slated for a March release, we've just received word that this spine-chilling collectible will be gracing our store in the next 2-3 weeks! That's right – no more waiting till March. Regan is making her eerie entrance much earlier, and we couldn't be more excited (and a bit spooked, to be honest).

Why This Doll is a Must-Have

For those who might be new to this particular piece, let's talk about why she's causing such a stir. The Exorcist Regan Talking Mega-Scale Doll isn't just any collectible. She's a 15-inch masterpiece from the renowned creators at Living Dead Dolls, known for their artistry in horror-themed collectibles.

With the ability to speak iconic phrases from the classic film "The Exorcist," this doll brings a piece of horror movie history right into your hands. The level of detail, from her haunting facial expression to her meticulously replicated clothing, is nothing short of spectacular.


Perfect for Horror Fans and Collectors Alike

Whether you're a hardcore horror fan, a collector of unique items, or someone who appreciates the artistry of Living Dead Dolls, this piece is an absolute must-have. She's not just a doll; she's a collector's item that encapsulates the essence of a genre-defining film.

How to Secure Yours

Given the popularity and limited nature of this item, I'd recommend pre-ordering now. We expect these dolls to be snapped up quickly, so make sure you're ready to claim yours as soon as they're available.

Join the Excitement

We're over the moon to be able to bring this iconic piece to you sooner than anticipated. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks, and get ready to welcome Regan into your collection.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Here's to adding more unique and thrilling pieces to your collections!

Warmest Regards, Simon

Owner, Simon's Collectibles

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