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Our Top 25 Best Selling Collectibles Of 2022

As we say goodbye to 2022, I thought it would be fun to look at the top 25 best selling collectibles, here at Simon's Collectibles.

So without further ado, here is our top 25 countdown!

Number 25

Masters Of The Universe Origins Battle Cat

He-Man's trusty feline side-kick starts off our countdown. Current status: Currently sold out

Number 24

Barbie Looks Doll Model #7

This petite cutie from the second wave of the popular Looks dolls. Current status: Currently sold out.

Number 23

Moment of Fantasy: SIREN Gina Yao Doll by JHDFASHIONDOLL

One of the three Moment Of Fantasy Dolls due in 2023. Currently on her way from China. Current status: One back in stock. Order now.

Number 22

Adonis Replacement Bodies 2.0

Looking for the body of an Adonis? Then look no further! Current status:  Last few remaining for pre-order. Order now.

Number 21

Monster High Howliday Draculaura Doll Winter Edition

She may not have been on time for the Holidays (or Howlidays!) but I'm sure Draculaura will not disappoint when she arrives next week! Current status: In stock soon. Pre order now.

Number 20

Masters of the Universe Origins He-Man Action Figure

And here is 80s legend He-Man himself in all his retro Origins glory! Current status: Last one in stock. Buy now

Number 19

Barbie Looks Doll Model #8

Another Looks doll who wowed collectors in 2022. Current status: Currently sold out.

Number 18

Barbie Signature Barbie Looks Doll #12

This curvy beauty easily made it onto our 'hit' list. Current status: Available and more on the way. Buy now

Number 17

LIVING DEAD DOLLS Presents Wednesday Addams

Thanks to the hugely successful Netfix show this LDD version of Wednesday Addams has already sold out on pre-order, despite not being released until September 2023! Current status: Sold out on pre-order.

Number 16

Barbie Signature Music Series Tina Turner Doll

Another doll who sold out as quick as a flash on pre-order was the fabulous Tina Turner Barbie. I hope those that managed to get her think that she is Simply The Best! Current status: Sold out on pre-order.

Number 15

Fisher-Price Little People Collector RuPaul

This is the first of the hugely popular Little People Collectors sets on this list. Current status: Sold out but more expected soon!

Number 14

Platinum Journey 3: FAR NORTH Kelly Woodson Doll by JHDFASHIONDOLL

FAR NORTH was an instant hit and sold out on pre-order. Current status: Sold out.

Number 13

Moment of Fantasy: POSEIDON Adonis Doll by JHDFASHIONDOLL

The second Moment Of Fantasy dolls on the list and an Adonis doll who sold out on pre-order. Those lucky enough to get him can expect his arrival soon! Current status: Sold out on pre-order.

Number 12

COVERGIRL: The Interviewer Anna May Doll by JHDFASHIONDOLL

This interviewer Anna May came to slay this list. Current status: We have just added a MIB doll for sale.

Number 11


This Special Day Anna May was another runaway success from JHDFASHIONDOLL. Current status: Sold out.

Number 10

COVERGIRL: New Girl Interview Gina And Kelly 2 Doll Gift Set by JHDFASHIONDOLL

This covergirl due were hot to trot in the popularity stakes last year! Current status: Sold out.

Number 9

COVERGIRL: The September Issue 3 Doll Gift Set by JHDFASHIONDOLL

Our September issue trio were also a big hit. Did someone say, The Devil Wears Prada? Current status: Sold out.

Number 8

The Golden Girls Fisher-Price Little People Collector Figure Set

The 80s nostalgia continues on our list with this wonderful tribute to the ever Golden Girls. Current status: One in stock with more on the way soon.

Number 7

Monster High Reel Drama Draculaura Doll - Mattel Creations

This hugely popular MH collection never made it to these shores in the general stores but we managed to get hold of at this one at least! Needless to say our little allocation sold out pretty quickly! Current status: Sold out.


Number 6

World's Smallest Glo Worm - 80s Retro

Another of our popular retro items on the list is the cute as heck, World's Smallest Glo Worm. And yes he really glows! Current status: Sold out but more on the way.

And now for out top 5 collectibles of 2022....

Number 5

Barbie Signature David Bowie Barbie Doll #2

Is there Life On Mars? Who cares when Mattel nock it out of the park with the second Bowie X Barbie tribute doll. Current status: Sold out.

Number 4


As this couple seem to be inseparable it is only right that we make them joint fourth in the most popular collectibles! Current status: Sold out.

Number 3

Barbie Signature Barbie Looks Doll #11 with Red Hair

The second highest Looks Barbie on this list is this flame haired stunner. Current status: Unavailable but we have have more on the way and have just added box damaged dolls at a reduced price!

Number 2

Barbie Signature 2022 Holiday Barbie Doll (Red Hair) EXCLUSIVE

As well as the 4 regular Holiday Barbie dolls for 2022 there was this red-headed beauty. She was a Walmart Exclusive and we were delighted to be able to bring her to European collectors! Current status: We found one last doll in the storeroom! Buy now.

Number 1

Barbie Signature Barbie Looks Doll #10

Well, here she is folks, our best selling collectible of 2022! She has proved so popular, in fact, that it has been tricky to keep up with demand. Current status: None available currently but more on the way!


Well, there we have it, out top 25 collectibles of last year. I wonder what 2023 will bring? Be sure to check back to Simon's Collectibles to see!

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