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American Girl Kira Doll & Book

American Girl Kira Doll & Book

American Girl Kira Animal Exam Table


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American Girl Kira Animal Exam Table

Kira’s Aunt Mamie is a veterinarian who runs the Bailey Wildlife Sanctuary. In her rescue clinic, she takes care of animals—including koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, wombats, and birds—that are wounded, sick, or orphaned, in hopes that they can be released back into the wild. Kira helps in the clinic with this set that includes:

  • An animal exam table with a pretend computer, three drawers, a shelf that holds a blood pressure cuff, and two exam tools
  • A set of screens that fit into the computer monitor and trigger the screen to light up and to play more than 40 sound clips of animal care tips from Kira
  • A plush koala joey just like Bean, the orphaned one that Kira cares for
  • A scale that Kira can use to weigh the baby animals at the sanctuary
  • A stethoscope that fits around the doll’s neck to check for animal heartbeats
  • An otoscope to look in the animals’ ears
  • An ophthalmoscope Kira can use to examine the animals’ eyes
  • A basin with a sponge to give animals baths
  • A saline bottle used for cleaning animal wounds
  • A feeding bottle for hungry joeys
  • An elastic bandage that can wrap around the limb of an injured animal
  • Five pieces of gauze for minor animal wounds
  • A pair of scissors to cut the gauze
  • A blue syringe and a pink syringe for giving medicine
  • A tube of ointment to tend to cuts and scrapes in the sanctuary
  • A folder to keep track of papers during the exam
  • A striped clipboard that holds a set of papers and a faux pen to take notes

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