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Cave Club

Cave Club Rockelle Doll

Cave Club Rockelle Doll

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Discover the world of Cave Club, a land of exploration, adventure and even dinosaurs! A dino-whisperer by nature and one of the first dino- riders ever, Rockelle knows and loves everything about dinosaurs.

Imaginations can embark on all kinds of adventures with Rockelle doll, her adorable "plush" dinosaur Teddy-Rex and two storytelling pieces - her glittery scrapbook holds a treasured dino "artifact," and a comb accessory sparks styling fun.

  • Contents: A Cave Club Rockelle Doll, a "plush" dinosaur Teddy-Rex, a comb accessory and a scrapbook that holds a cool dino "artifact"

  • Born with the magical ability to communicate with dinosaurs, Rockelle is one of the first dino-riders ever!

  • Cave Club Rockelle doll is ready for any adventure in a colourful animal-print romper and matching epaulets

  • With bendable elbows, wrists and knees, kids can help Rockelle doll go on mammoth adventures or saddle up and take a dino ride!

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