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American Girl

American Girl Nanea Birthday Accessories

American Girl Nanea Birthday Accessories

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Nanea’s birthday celebration is extra-special. Ever since the war started, everyone is too busy to relax at the beach, so spending time with family and friends is the best gift of all. Nanea’s other birthday gifts are:

  • A little pineapple-print skirt that her grandmother made for Nanea's beloved dog, Mele

  • A fabric purse from her sister with three kittens on the front. Nanea and her best friends are affectionately called “The Three Kittens.“

  • A pretend 1940s-era Kodak™ camera from her grandparents that stores photos inside

  • Two pretend black-and-white photos

  • A doll-sized Nancy Drew mystery book from her brother

  • Nanea’s Dog, Mele, sold separately

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