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American Girl

American Girl Nanea's Accessories

American Girl Nanea's Accessories

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Nanea brings these prized items with her almost everywhere she goes. This set includes:

  • A necklace of pretty speckled-blue faux nerite shells

  • A cloth handbag made of palaka, a popular fabric worn by Hawaiian plantation workers

  • An “airmail” envelope and letter from Nanea’s friend Donna, whose family had to return to the mainland

  • Pretend money; during the war, money in Hawaii had the word “Hawaii” stamped on one side

  • The fabric ID pouch Nanea made herself

  • A pretend government-issued ID card with her name, address, and fingerprints—all islanders had to carry these during the war

  • A square Pearl Harbor remembrance kerchief

  • A doll-sized Junior Citizens Service Corps book that details how girls like Nanea could help with the war effort in their community

  • Doll sold separately.

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