Cave Club Dolls Now In-Store

Cave Club Dolls Blog Post

I’m delighted to report that the latest doll line from Mattel, Cave Club, has landed in store! These dolls may be prehistoric but they are well ahead of their time!

Based on a new YouTube series about the adventures of an unruly group of prehistoric kids, the Cave Club dolls bring the wild hairstyles, neon-bright looks, and adorably ferocious pets to life. These dolls’ fashions are anything but ancient.

Raised by tigers, Roaralai wears a furry shrug over a tiger-inspired striped dress. She wears a bone hairpiece in her purple hair. Her tiger purse and cat-ear headband complete the look. Roarala’s pet sidekick is the sabre-tooth tiger Ferrell.

Reflecting Fernessa’s love of plants and natural life, her leafy-accented dress has what looks like an animal print floral pattern. Watch out for the Venus Flytrap headpiece that she wears in her pink and yellow hair. And her rocky purse has a surprise – push up the lever to watch it bloom. Accompanying Fernessa on her adventures is her Pterodactyl friend Ptilly.

Emberly is the group’s inventor, and over her polka dot dress, she wears a utility belt to keep her tools at hand. The bone scarf tied in her crimped pink and yellow hair matches the bone worn around her neck. And her purple club turns into a torch. Emberly’s pet friend is a Velociraptor named Flaire.

The world’s first artist, Slate has the amazing ability to draw and paint! This doll rocks a neon-bright tunic with a paint splatter print and tiger-striped shorts. Includes his prehistoric pet friend Taggy.

And Tella can see the future thanks to her clairvoyant telescope. Her celestial belt and the crystal hairpiece in her blue and light pink hair reflects her abilities. She’s got her Dire Wolf pet Hunch to keep her company.

Each doll includes a cave comb, styled to look like a bone.

Introducing the Cave Club

Check out this video that introduces the Cave Club characters

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